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Alkyd Blending Paint of Various Colors

Alkyd Blending Paint of Various Colors


Alkyd Blending Paint of Various Colors
1. Product features:
It is modulated by alkyd resin, pigment, body pigment, drying agent and organic solvent, etc. The product has good gloss, rich film, strong adhesion, room temperature drying, convenient brush coating, etc.
2. Instructions for usage:
(1) Use:
Suitable for the surface decoration and protection for indoor and outdoor wood, metal products and others.
(2) Application requirements:
The paint is mainly brushed, can also be sprayed. If paint is too thick, it can be added with  X-6 thinner for adjustment. It should be thoroughly stirred before use, and must be filtered if there is varnish. Effective storage period is one year.
3. Caution:
Long-term inhalation of solvent vapor or spray should be avoided, skin and eyes should not be in contact with this product, and strong ventilation must be provided when working in narrow or airless places, and protective tools are necessary during working.
The data in the instructions is got in the laboratory, and the actual data may be slightly different due to environmental changes during actual use. If the above data is changed, the company’s latest instructions shall prevail without notice.


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