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Alkyd Hammered Paint of Various Colors

Alkyd Hammered Paint of Various Colors


Alkyd Hammered Paint of Various Colors
1. Product features:
 The paint is made of high-performance resin, non-floating aluminum powder, high-weatherproof pigment, organic solvent and auxiliary modulation. It has the advantages of baking without high temperature, fast drying, high hardness after drying, bright and rich paint film, bright colors, even hammering, pleasing to eyes, excellent weatherproof performance.
2. Instructions for usage:
(1) Use:
Suitable for surface protection, decorative coating for various luxury security doors, safes, machine tool equipment, motors, instruments, hardware products and others.
(2) Application requirements:   
Before use, the paint should be thoroughly stirred, and if there is crust, it should be filtered and removed until the paint surface is hammered. If there is any remaining paint after the paint is taken, the barrel should be covered to prevent crusting. Before being painted, a sample should be taken for test spraying to adjust the uniformity of the effect. Special solvent can be used to debug the appropriate viscosity. The spray gun pressure should be controlled within 3 ~ 4kg/cm² , the spray distance should be about 20-25cm, and the gun should move slightly slower. Ambient air humidity should not be greater than 85%, the substrate should be cleaned off water, rust, floating dust. If primer is used, the “wet touch wet”method should be adopted. If putty is used to fill the gaps, the surface dust should be thoroughly cleaned off after being sanded to avoid the paint film falling off. The tools should be cleaned with thinner immediately after the work is done. Effective storage period is one year.   
3. Caution
Long-term inhalation of solvent vapor or spray should be avoided, skin and eyes should not be in contact with this product, and strong ventilation must be provided when working in narrow or airless places, and protective tools are necessary during working.
The data in the instructions is got in the laboratory, and the actual data may be slightly different due to environmental changes during actual use. If the above data is changed, the company’s latest instructions shall prevail without notice.

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